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Try it! It really works!
OK. Lets assume you're a sort of forgetful slob such as myself and you borrow your wife's car to go to the store. (read: liquor store) So you get to the store jump out and dash inside, make your purchase and return to the car only to discover that you have locked yourself out. You think "No problem I'll just have the little wife come and bring me another copy of the key. And then you remember that she doesn't have a car because you borrowed hers and yours in the shop. Well that's the way things go sometimes, isn't it? So what do you do?

Well luckily you have your cell phone and can call AAA (America's Auto Club for you folks on the other side of the big pond) or a locksmith. But, wait, there is another option. What you can do is call you wife on her cell phone and then just have her push the unlock button on her remote while holding it close to her cell phone while you are holding your cell phone near the locked car and voila you are no longer locked out. This really works folks, even though you can't hear it, her cell phone picked up the remote's signal, broadcast it to your cell phone which in turn radiated it to the car. I didn't believe this at first but I tried it with by work car while I was at home. A distance of about five miles and it worked perfectly. It is my understanding that it will work regardless of the distance of separation.

But of course this is probably all old useless information by now. But I tried.

Of course I edited it. And I might edit it again. So there!
Edited by derF on 08/14/2009 00:32
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Bob of QF

I shall have to try that one....I have a radio-thingy for my work-truck, you see...
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Oh thank you derF dahlink!!

See, I have this thing... about locking the *#@^!!! keys in the frickin' car. Grin I keep an extra set of keys to one car in my purse (need to get a copy made for the other car and do the same), and it seems that most of the time I make it out of the car with my purse in tow... the operative words here are most of the time... ugh. Heh. And we do have AAA. But it's time consuming to have to call AAA or my husband to rescue me, and AAA knows me by name now (I think they either laugh hysterically or cringe when they see my # on the caller ID)... well, you get the picture.

Must test this out - at once!

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