First academic journal on secularism debuts in January

(CNN) – It’s turning out to be a banner year for nonbelievers.

First came the publication of a secular Bible. Then we saw the birth of the first American college major in secularism. This week, it’s the launch of the world’s first academic journal dedicated to the themes of secularism and nonreligion.

The journal, to be called Secularism and Nonreligion, will begin publishing in January as a joint project of Trinity College in Connecticut and the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network, an international interdisciplinary network of researchers.

“Submissions should explore all aspects of what it means to be secular… what the lives of nonreligious individuals are like, and the interaction between secularity, nonreligion and other aspects of the world,” according to a Wednesday press release from Trinity College that called for submissions to the journal.

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Hypatia on 07/31/2011 12:57

Its aim is to advance research regarding all of the various aspects of “the secular” across societies and cultures.

And hopefully one of the most beneficial results of the research will be to open minds and eyes.

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