Philip Pullman threatened by religious zealots over new Jesus Christ book

Philip Pullman, the best selling author, has been threatened by religious zealots amid claims he should be “punished” for a controversial new book about Jesus Christ.

The atheist writer, 63, claims he had received dozens of angry letters from critics accusing him of blasphemy in his new book “The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ”.

The author of the best-selling His Dark Materials trilogy has received scores of letters condemning him to “eternal hell” and “damnation by fire”.

Sinny on 03/23/2010 17:43

I wonder why he thinks Jesus was real? I'm sure he means Jesus the man not the christ being real. I heard that that Jesus is in the Torah but I'm not Jewish so I wouldn't know.

Skeeve on 03/23/2010 19:10

Yes, he meant a human named Jesus, not the son of a non-existent deity.

He, like myself, believes christianity came from Paul.

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